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Venue 1 - Day 1.2

Venue 1 -

Venue 2 -

The VEGAS ACRO CUP is open to national and regional teams as well as for individual clubs.

• USA J.O. 

• Age Group 1

• Age Group 2

• Junior

• Senior 

*see below for rules and regulations

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Vegas Acro Cup is pleased to invite you and your delegation to participate in the  6th VEGAS ACRO CUP

Organized and held in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada from April 13 -16, 2023.

The competition meets FIG standards for a World Cup level competition including certified equipment, 3 floors, and a 55,000 sq. ft. competition/training venue.

Acro Level 5 – Level 10  Rules may be found on the USA Gymnastics website

Age Group - Seniors Prepared in accordance with the FIG regulations and rules with the following age group categories:     

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