5th Vegas Acro Cup 2022


Training Schedule- Tue, Wed and Thur


DRAFT version of 
2022 Development Program

For International teams ONLY 

The 2022 Development Program rules have not been finalized. 

Because the new rules are still not official, and there is not much time left before the Vegas Acro Cup, we are giving you the option to compete using the existing rules for Levels 5 - 8. 


If you want to compete using these rules, you must send an email to:




We need the events and levels you want to register using the existing rules. 

And then we will open your registration for those levels. 

For example:

Club Acro - Old Rules


Level 5 Mixed Trio

Level 6 Mixed Pairs, Women's Groups and Women's Pairs

Level 7 Mixed Groups


4th Vegas Acro Cup 2021





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3rd Vegas Acro Cup 2019

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Vegas Acro Cup 

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World Cup 

Training Schedule March 20, 2019 

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Training Schedule March 20, 2019 


2nd Vegas Acro Cup 2018

Revised Youth Rules:

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2nd Vegas Acro Cup          Results 


1st Vegas Acro Cup 2017



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